Frequently Asked Questions

Is the school accredited and by whom?

Our Sister Academy is accredited in Atlanta Georgia area. Our Sister Academy Vallis Regis in Atlanta, Georgia area is accredited by the ACE curriculum and is Christian based.

What is the school’s mission and philosophy?

The mission of Midwest Youth Academy is to provide a supportive and challenging educational environment that fosters scholarly competence and intellectual curiosity, enhances spiritual and physical fitness, and develops leadership skills and the strength of character necessary for success in everyday life. Further, we believe:

•In providing opportunities for each cadet to reach his maximum potential in all academic and life skill areas so that he/she can become a problem solver, critical thinker, collaborative worker, and life-long learner.

•The best way to learn is through active, rather than passive, involvement in the learning process.

•There is a strong connection between physical and mental development. The sound mind/sound body philosophy is our guiding principle.

•The faculty, staff, administration, and community business leaders serve as primary role models in the lives of our cadets.

Does the school have a special or particular educational focus?

Midwest Youth Academy is an alternative to the court system and or any legal action. As a boys and girls academy, we are able to shape our program in ways that meet the unique educational and developmental needs of boys/girls and provide them tools and skills that help them realize their potential. The military component of our educational environment provides the structure and teaches the leadership skills that instill confidence and character traits that distinguish our graduates from other students.

Are academics rigorous?

Midwest Youth Academy offers a range education programs for our cadets. As part of its schedule, Midwest Youth Academy maintains designated time of study time each day to studying and tutoring time. During this time, cadets are able to receive help with subjects that they are lacking strength in. Midwest ‘s faculty assists students in developing better study habits and time management skills.

What is the school environment like?

Midwest Youth Academy has high expectations for its students, but provides the tools and resources for each student to achieve success. Because our student body works together in company units and teams to achieve their goals, there is a great atmosphere of encouragement and esprit de corps.

Are students required to enter the military after graduation?

No, Midwest Youth Academy does not require its graduates to join the military but will recommend serving in the military if we feel it will enhance the growth of the cadet after leaving the Academy. Our goal is to have our graduates go on to pursue degrees in traditional colleges and universities and/or the military.

I don’t have a son/daughter but can I recommend a student to the Academy and is their other ways of contributing to the Academy?

Yes, you can always recommend a parent to our Academy to consider their son/daughter to the program. Our Academy is not a program that a youth would recommend themselves to but a parent, school, or judicial system would recommend a youth to. If you are interested in volunteering as part of our program we have several components that are always looking for assistance:

  1. Weekend Boot Camp Instructor
  2. Administrative Assistance
  3. Donation Administrator
  4. Event Planner
  5. Tutor
  6. Mentors
  7. Investors

If you still have a question please feel free to leave your comment/question here or email us at


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